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Vision Therapy

Excellent visual performance is much more than just 20/20… smooth and accurate aiming and focusing skills are essential for optimal visual performance. Vision therapy is a non-surgical treatment program which can help treat eye turns, double vision, focusing difficulties, eye aiming and “lazy eye”. The American Optometric Association estimates that 20% may have an undetected functional vision problem.

Whether it’s working to eliminate skipping lines or some other obstacle for reading and school work or getting that extra edge for playing sports, vision therapy may be able to help.

  • Vision Therapy may be indicated for correcting
  • Binocular vision (eye coordination and depth perception)
  • Accommodation (focusing)
  • Ocular motilities (eye tracking)
  • Visual Perception
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)

Sports Vision

Athletes are always striving to reach peak physical performance. Sports Vision Therapy is designed to help an athlete tune visual performance by working on improving eye-hand coordination, reaction time, spatial awareness, visual tracking, focusing and visual perceptual skills.

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